How to backup application programs installed on desktop computers

9.1.2014 Fabian Rendon
To take backup of the files and folders on a computer is necessary because you cannot depend on electronic items. You can easily take backups of other drives of a computer by making zip files and save it on DVDs, SkyDrive, Google Drive and on other places. However, making backups of installed applications isn't as easy. This article will give an outline of how you can make backups of installed computer application programs.

If you are working in a bank and for example have to prepare 100 computers with the same software and application then what are your options ? Will you install all the software manual for each computer ? That could take too long. However there is a way to do this work in just one day.

Install all the required applications and other software on a single computer and make an image file by using the third party software such as Symantec Ghost or Acronis Snap Deploy. Once an image file has been made, simply paste the installed software image on to each computer. IT departments in banks and organizations reinstall software on to computers this way, while still keeping a backup of the software.

There are many third party software available that makes it possible to create backups of installed computer applications. IT departments in software houses prefers to make images of all of the software to reinstall on the developers' systems, programming can be demanding of desktop computer resources which can cause their performance to suffer. Therefore every 6 months, IT department refresh the operating systems of the developer's computers or laptops with hard disk's image.

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