Google unveils media tools site for journalists

22.11.2013 Nicky Herak

Google has launched a new media tools website focused on journalists and media houses. Google has offered a wide range of Media Tools on the new site, well arranged in one place. The search engine claims that the new site will give users access to all the digital tools offered by Google for enhancing news gathering and getting exposure over the Internet, TV, radio and print.

There are 6 main categories on the website are Gather and Organize, Visualize, Engage, Develop, Publish and Additional Resources. Each tool further has links to Getting Started, Tips and Overviews.

Gather and Organize page

The Gather and Organize page gives you access to Google Drive, Google Trends and Consumer Surveys. Under the Engage category, you can get overviews of how to use Google Hangouts on Air, Google+ and YouTube. The category also offers links to Google Authorship tools.

Visualize page

The Visualize page offers many Google Map resources, including Google Charts and Fushion Tables.

Publish page

Visit the Publish page of the Media Tools website, and you’ll find steps for extending your reach, getting help in finding how Google Image and Google News searches operate. You’ll also learn about the Google Webmaster Central. Journalists can also get more information from another link about Google Custom Search Engine and Google Analytics.

Develop page

The Develop Page in the Google Media tools is designed for journalism-based developers. There are many tools in it including the Google App Engine, Google Web Toolkit, Developer Academy, and tools and information for Android developers and YouTube Partnerships.

Additional Resources page

The Additional Resources page offers information on Google Transparency Reports, Google Politics and Elections, and Google Crisis Response. These resources are provided for improving global stories related to politics, natural disasters and threats to freedom of expression. The new Google Media Tools site was revealed at the ATL Summit: Google+ for Media.

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